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Cmapter 8

Preston never listen to anyone ... Michaela was and remains his obsession.
Joe I still laugh
Sully always a caring father and understanding
What will be the Michael reaction when she hears
Thank you very much and tomorrow, Debby

Re: Cmapter 8

Hello, Okapi.

I am glad that you enjoy Josef. He is a fun character to write. As for Preston, I think Andrew described why he is the way he is, but the banker refuses to listen. I know there are people who behave that way!

Debby K

Re: Chapter 8

Sorry I'm late but I had another crazy day yesterday :(...
Actually, I also fear a lot of resistance regarding that mental illness ward at the hospital but I wonder how Preston intents to add to that. Hopefully he won't succeed with whatever he's planning.
I just love Josef , I hope this little guy will keep his innocence for a long time. About Brian: actually, I don't feel very sorry for him; he got drunk on purpose. I'm curious to see how Michaela will react... Looking forward to later today!!

Re: Chapter 8

Hi, Marion. No need to apologize for posting your review late. I am just grateful that you take the time to provide feedback.

Debby K