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Re: Chapter 9

Sully faithful remain true to his word to his son.
Cloud Dancing, as always, is a wise man
Michaela worried about Brian and a little jealous because Joe and Sully know it but not
Brian could he not found his way with parents like Mike and Sully?
Again, I enjoyed the time of Sully with his children ... and especially with Joseph. He knows how to educate their children without authority. He does not want her children to be afraid of him.
Thank you Debby
See you tomorrow for the next

Re: Chapter 9

Hi, Okapi.

As I mentioned in the summary of this story, I wanted to explore some things that we never got to see on TV. Sully's interaction with Katie was among these. With five fictional young ones, he would have his hands full. Still, his older children, and even Andrew would seek his wise counsel, too.

I appreciate your comments as you read.

Debby K

Re: Chapter 9

Thanks, Marion. I understand your protectiveness toward Michaela, but who is more protective of her than Sully?

I'm glad that you are enjoying Cloud Dancing's wisdom. I always loved Larry's portrayal of him, particularly his humor.

Debby K