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Chapter 11

Another great chapter ...
Tender moment between Mike and Sully but also between Sully and Joe
Also moment of passion between two lovers as
I hope Micheala will not be too sick
Thank you Debby and tomorrow

Re: Chapter 11

I giggled all through the battle and Joe's observations. Katie sure doesn't know what she has missed ! Anyway, I hope Michaela will get over her illness as quickly as Sully did (although she won't take as much coughing medicine as he did so I have my doubts LOL).
I love how much they still love each other and how this love still grows.
I was also delighted after reading your response to my comment to the last chapter. Huzzah for angst being needed, that's all I say !!!!
I can't believe it will be over tomorrow already - I guess I will just have to re-read this story as I will do with the others .

Re: Chapter 11

Hi, Marion. When I was writing about the M&S snowball battle, I couldn't help but think about how Michaela behaved in the "Traveling All-Stars" episode. With her nose in the rulebook, and concentrating on the rules of the game, she might have missed the fun part. Fortunately, she had Sully to show her the way.

Sorry that the story will end tomorrow, but I look forward to hearing your thoughts and to reading your new story down the road.

Debby K

Re: Chapter 11

It's nice to hear from you, Okapi. The moments between the family are certainly a pleasure to write.

I appreciate your comments.