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Re: Chapter 10

Hi Debby I just finish to read chapter 7,8,9,10 and I don't think I like what Preston is going to do.
I'm glad and happy Andrew make him realized why he wants Michaela. Debby you should find a woman for Preston I mean he is the nemesis of Sully, Michaela and us readers.
It was a surprise to see Sully drunk, I hope Joe don't mention anything of this in town,because we know that Preston will take advantage of this.
Poor Brian, I'm preatty sure he will never drink again. Is he going to be in a Mercantil ship like in Michaelas dream?
Is this Dr.Dell a good guy?Or he has other intentions?
I hope Michaela thinks well about having crazy people in the hospital.
I love the interactions with the kids. And I love how you describe the feelings of Sully in their honeymoon,wow and how you been using all the pictures.
I love your story, thanks for writing again.
Merry Christmas and a Wonderfull and great 2012

Re: Chapter 10

Hi, Rosie.

I appreciate your comments about the story so far. Of all your questions, many set the stage for possible future plots. Remember, Sully would never get drunk on purpose. This becomes an important theme in the last chapter.

Debby K