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Chapter 12

When I read this line *Again, Michaela murmured. "Bbbbyyrrroonnn...."* I startled my cat because I was laughing out loud. That was so unexpected that I almost lost it . I loved how everyone gave her that cough medicine but I'm glad it only made her say funny things but didn't give her a headache or something worse.
Unfortunately the misuse of alcohol is still a huge problem. I wonder if we will ever get it under control .
Debby, your story brightened my far too busy days. Thank you so much! Not only did I enjoy the story but the pictures you put in as well plus you gave us hope that there will be another story . I'm so looking forward to it!
Merry Christmas to you - and hopefully some time to take notes for the next adventure of the Sully family .

Re: Chapter 12

Marion, I am so grateful that you took the time to let me know what you thought of "Fire Water." I hoped to entertain, as well as bring to light the problem of alcohol abuse, as it affected (and still affects) families. One can imagine the fears that Josef had when he saw what happened to his family.

Merry Christmas.
Debby K