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fire water

Thanks Debbie for another great story. I so appreciate you keeping the citizens of Colorado Springs alive. The Sully children have captured my heart, especially Joseph, his perspective on the drinking problem in the family is humorous. Also I love the tender moments between Loren and Sully, such as Loren telling Sully what the children mean to him. I am glad to see Andrew showing interest in Mary, if he can't reunite with Colleen I want him to be happy with someone else. Can't wait for the next it in the works yet? I hope so.

Re: fire water

Hi, Cindy.

I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed "Fire Water." I tried to present a serious topic in a humorous way. Josef is a lot of fun to write. He is so honest! Thanks for letting me know what you thought of the story.

Happy New Year!
Debby K