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This is a forum in which to discuss the fan fiction stories found on Debby K's site. You are invited to talk about previous stories or new ones.

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In awe

Hello I just finished reading all of your stories last weekend. It only took me five days to read them all because I couldn't stop. Then today I was watching Dr. Quinn and found myself thinking about what lay ahead for the characters. Then I realized I had included your stories in my musings about the characters. Your stories stayed true to the characters created by Beth Sullivan, but also made the characters grow and change in believable ways. You made the characters your own without offending die hard DQ fans like myself. I have read many fanfiction stories lated to the characters of Dr. Quinn and yours are the only ones I can say that about. I also enjoyed the history snippets that were included. You obviously put a lot of time and effort into your writing. I am in awe of your creative writing abilities. Thank you for this wonderful series of stories. I look forward to reading more of your stories.

Re: In awe

Hi, Tammy.

Bless your heart for your kind words about my fan fiction. I am in awe of YOU for reading all of my stories in 5 days!

I appreciate your nice remarks SO much, particularly in letting me know that I have maintained the integrity of the characters.

All the best,
Debby K

Re: In awe

Hi Tammy,

I can certainly relate to being obsessed with Debby's stories, but to read them all in 5 days? I've been going through them for a couple of weeks now and have only gotten through the first 4 years. :) You might want to start them over and read a little slower to really savor her writing and story lines.

I spent the last few months watching all the shows on DVD and then continued the saga through Debby's stories. It's really fun. When I get through everything, I'll probably start over with the Pilot, one of the best shows ever (I'm with Joe Lando on that one).


Warmly, Wendy