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Re: Just wondering


I echo Marion. I've been a Dr. Quinn fan since it originally aired. Watching it with my parents is one of the few happy memories I have growing up with them. Now as an adult, I watch reruns over and over (I have the blessing of working from home). I didn't even know there was such a thing as Fan Fiction a week ago, but since finding your web page, your stories have consumed me. I' just can't tear myself away from them. While I don't personally prefer some of the paths you've taken the characters on (call me a softy, but I hate to see Jake drinking again and Colleen and Andrew divorced lol), they are SO well written. I've laughed (do you have a lot of experience with children, because the way you have the kids phrase things just crack me up), I've sobbed, and I've learned so much about historical events because of your extensive research and background info at the end of a lot of the stories. I even learned something about my own "neck of the woods". Baby Doe lived in the town next to me and until reading the story, I had no clue who she was. It's with a sad heart that I just finished the last story. I sincerely hope (may I beg? lol) that after the Christmas season you will write many more stories both in the 1882 period (and later) as well as fill in the few blank spots in earlier years (and maybe even add more).

Eagerly awaiting more Dr. Quinn Fan Fic,

P.S. If you ever want to write Baby Doe into more stories, I'd love to help you do reseach since I'm so close to Oshkosh, just ask!

Re: Just wondering

Sara, I'm very grateful for your feedback on my stories, even when they have taken turns that you did not particularly like. Sometimes, I do sit down to write a bit more of the story which has been sitting on my computer. Who knows? I might just finish it in the new year.
Thanks for letting me know about your proximity to Baby Doe's hometown. I appreciate your research offer.
As for having experience with kids, yes, I have had quite a lot. In their innocence, they can say pretty funny things.

All the best,
Debby K