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This is a forum in which to discuss the fan fiction stories found on Debby K's site. You are invited to talk about previous stories or new ones.

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Re: Question

Hello, Kristen,

Thanks for your question and for your enthusiasm for my stories.

I posted "Fire Water" in December of 2011. I have about 8 chapters of a new story written, but there is no timetable for its completion. My ability to churn out new stories isn't what it once was. I hope you continue to visit my site, and I do appreciate your taking the time to post a message here.

All the best,
Debby K

Re: Question

Thanks, Debbie! I can't wait for the new one :) I'm sure it will be great, as always :)


Re: Question

Debby, I'm glad to hear you are writing a new story...looking forward to it.

Re: Question

Woo!!! So pleased to hear there's another story in the works!!! I've just finished casualties and found it so addictive and slightly harrowing... Stayed up until 6am reading it all night, than good for back lit e-readers!!!
Keep up the excellent work Debby!! Xxxx

Re: Question

I was gonna ask the same question. I love your stories! I'm amazed at how many you have written and really impressed that you continue to write, and that the stories continue in chronilogical order. I certainly understand you may not have time to constantly write but I do look forward to the next story when you're finished.