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Re: Perfectly Prudence

Dear Debby,

I finally watched all of Perfectly Prudence, which I found pretty funny, and read your epilogue, too. Very nice! I think they could have used your ending since it did seem to end kind of in the middle.

I wish I had had a chance to see all the great videos of the Jane and Joe Q&A session on your site. It would have given me some more ideas for questions to ask Joe Lando when I saw him last weekend. Oh well, at least we have these we can always go back to. He looked very much as he did in those interviews last Saturday at The Hollywood Show. What a thrill to finally meet him after all these years, and he's really just as nice as I expected.

Thanks again for everything!

Warmly, Wendy

Re: Perfectly Prudence

Thanks, Wendy.

I'm glad you enjoyed PP and the epilogue. And I'm delighted that you got to meet Joe.

All the best,
Debby K