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Let Our Movie Message Be Heard!

Please share this message on web pages, message boards, lists or any other communication means that you can think of.


On September 5, 2013, we want to make a statement that cannot be ignored.

We want to ask CBS television network to either make a new “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman” movie, or to release the rights for another network to make it.

Let's tell CBS there is an audience for quality programs.

But for them to take notice, we need to shout it loud, all at once.

Join the #BringBackDrQuinn campaign, on ONE day, with ONE message, by signing up to this Thunderclap.

And on SEPTEMBER 5, we shall flood the world with our message.

HOW? Using Thunderclap!

WHAT in the world is a Thunderclap?

It’s a new website that allows people to pledge to Tweet or Facebook a message all on the same day – and at the exact same time – in order to achieve the maximum effect. Think of it like a group of children standing around the edge of a pond, each one holding a pebble. If they throw the pebbles in one at a time each one makes a small splash, but if they all throw them in at the same time the splash will be much more noticeable. When we all post the same message at the same time it will make a bigger “splash” on Twitter and Facebook.


Go to our Thunderclap page and add your support (our target is 100+ supporters):

At the top of the page, click to support via Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or ALL THREE, and encourage your friends and followers to do the same.

Choose “Support with Twitter,” “Support with Facebook,” “Support with Tumblr” or ALL THREE! Then add your name to the Thunderclap and on September 5, everyone who has signed up will automatically post our message on Facebook and Twitter!

Yes, you will have to allow Thunderclap to have access to your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts, but that’s only so that it can post the message on your behalf.

On September 5, make your mark by visiting for suggestions on how you can make a difference.

Watch as everyone's messages are simultaneously shared around the world.

If you are not on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr, you can still help by using the ideas posted at

Find us on Facebook: