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This is a forum in which to discuss the fan fiction stories found on Debby K's site. You are invited to talk about previous stories or new ones.

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A new story?

Hi Debby.

I just want to say I enjoyed your stories tremendously and ask you when you will continue with quite new ones?

The reasons that I liked your stories more than others are so many. I hope you will continue to write, even though the show has been discontinued for a long time now.

I like the fact that you expanded on Michaela and Sully\\\'s family and gave them more children: they\\\'re such an adorable and lovely children. I enjoyed every moment reading about them and their interactions with Michaela and Sully. The show never got to explore those precious moments for Sully and Michaela with their own children. I could so imagine Josef and Noah as little Sully! (I love the turkey hunting story with Josef and Sully! Joey running around in buckskin pants with a bow and arrows!!) Sully is such a wonderful father to them!

I\\\'m slightly sad that they wouldn\\\'t be able to have any more children but at the same time very looking forward to hear about existing children growing up!

Also we need a conclusion for Preston! His unreasonable jealousy and contempt towards Sully was so believable. He made a wonderful antagonist. How would you end him? Or would you end him eventually? I would love to see him end somehow soon. Maybe Sully could save him but he dies from painful death in the end realizing how wrong he was in the last moment? Or maybe he could fall in love with someone exactly like him?

Love to hear about Sullys' adventures at Yellowstone. Also the love story of Coleen and Dell! From the show I never quite understood how Coleen would be happy with Andrew in the long run. Maybe you could write a new series for Coleen and Dell? Their stories could be a refreshing start with many beloved characters in the background.

All those historical research you\\\'ve done was remarkable and made the stories more stronger.

I have to say thank you for writing these stories and I'm glad I had a chance to read them!