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Istanbul K crash ride for sale

Hello all. I am looking to sell a 20" Istanbul crash ride cymbal. I posted an add on craigslist last night but found this site today and thought I would see what the interest is with a more select audience.
The cymbal has no cracks but a little keyhole, which seems to be quite common in these. Istanbul stamp is clear, cymbal sounds beautiful. Deep, rich and resonates for an eternity. I've seen some of the 20" crash rides had rivet holes, this one has none.
I have been the owner for over ten years and it has been used minimally.
I am accepting offers. Pictures and possibly video can be provided.

Re: Istanbul K crash ride for sale

Had a very interested person locally who looked at the cymbal, said it wasn't the certain one he was looking for, but that mine is in great condition and definitely worth up to $1300.
Beautiful cymbal, beautiful sound.

Intermediate stamp Istanbul K
20" crash-ride
$1200 plus shipping.
located near Des Moines, IA.