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Sedated: TV Pilot; Corporate Thriller

The executive of a multinational pharmaceutical company must choose between selling out his company or his soul.

SEDATED captures the sinister underbelly of the pharmaceutical industry. At its core SEDATED reveals how one man copes with the allure for power and greed as he grapples with his conscience.

FAZER is a multinational pharmaceutical company. Adam Towne is FAZER’s Chief Operating Officer. Adam has serious misgivings about how the pharmaceutical industry takes advantage of the public through its unethical commercialization processes and outrageous pricing.

Adam’s colleague and paramour is Eva Enjôler. Eva is a FAZER Vice-President. Eva has career designs to succeed Adam, but she needs his leadership to take FAZER to the next level as a pharmaceutical company powerhouse. Eva is clever and ambitious. She is Adam’s Lady Macbeth, applying her erotic and psychological powers over Adam to influence him.

The execution of everyone’s insidious agendas hinges on Adam’s leadership over the company’s new diabetes drug called MAXUM. Additionally there is a mole within FAZER who could potentially disrupt the entire chess game being played out amongst its cast of characters.

Beel Duivel is Adam’s superior and FAZER’s Chief Executive Officer. Beel is an international old money financier with a very mysterious past. Beel has promised Adam world dominion over health care if he carries out his charge.

Beel has mystical powers that can seemingly put Adam into a hypnotic state in order to carry out his demands. However, throughout Adam’s interactions he always senses an ethereal light that follows him.

Adam must lead the launch party of MAXUM on the Golden Isles in Georgia. Before the party he wanders off into the night to an abandoned slave shack. There he is simultaneously enlightened and attacked by two unknown forces.

As Adam’s whereabouts are unknown Eva steps in to take his place on the stage for the MAXUM launch in front of thousands of FAZER salespeople. Adam suddenly arrives at the launch to confront Eva and take the stage. As Adam is tempted to compromise his conscience his light appears again. Both Adam and the corporate mole finally confront their separate audiences and tell them their versions of the truth.