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Dramatic Comedy / True Events / Late 1990s


It is the late 1990's and Tom and his acquaintances are struggling to survive in New York City by participating in focus groups. But as the groups become more scarce, they need to change their identities and even their looks just to stay in the game. Jealousies erupt, allegiances are forged and severed, as it all approaches a crescendo where good and evil present themselves at the gates of an uncertain future.

Feature Film. Interested in options or sale, interested in associate producer role for originality/consulting
interested in a decent budget so that the story can fully realized (not low budget) unless you can prove to me otherwise
interested in introductions to successful Directors, Producers and known Actors who can assist getting project started
interested in private investor/s to hire production company and actors to make film independently
WAG registered, 120 pgs. all rights Tom Modern 2022, contact : tom_modern@hotmail.com

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