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"The Doll"

Logline:- With his perfect life falling down all around him, a man purchases a magical doll to improve his luck, not knowing that the doll exacts a costly price.


Luck never lasts forever, and for Jamie Adams, it seems his luck has come to an abrupt end. As deals fall through all around him, Jamie sees his career in jeopardy. To make matters worse, Melinda ( an old flame from the past and a good friend with Jamies' wife) is staying over and wishes to rekindle their love affair. The perfect life Jamie had built for himself is crumbling, and it seems there is nothing he can do about it.

Desperate Jamie purchases a hideous but beautiful doll which he believes is a good luck charm and will help to turn luck back in his favour. His luck starts to change the doll seems to be working but at what cost.

As tragic events begin to unfold, will Jamie be able to keep his secret affair from his wife as he discovers the deadly price the doll takes?

If you are interested in this idea,please let me know and we can discuss it in more detail.