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With her husband passing away suddenly, Miranda Aston inherits the privately-run hospital and has to step up to the plate and keep the hospital running. Her unknowingness of hospital Operations means she depends on the doctor's knowledge and stellar results to help run the hospital day to day operations while dealing with sabotage and secret plans from the one person close to her and staff she depends on day by day. Her recently hired niece Amanda and Sebastian, fed up with jealousy of Miranda's lack of knowledge and power, find them filled with ideas to seize power and make the hospital more powerful for their benefit. Leaving Miranda only to count on Dr. Carlyle and Jenna to assist and guide her while dealing with sabotage right along with her.

They unite together and put aside personal feelings to learn, diagnose and administer excellent care to every patient because every child's life is Priceless at the end of the day. This series deals with storyline tragedies, mental health, real-life situations, sexual issues, etc. This show shows insight into the inner workings of the hospital with fictional, gripping storylines as well as high stakes and dynamic characters in “Priceless