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Screenplay: DIRTY RICE

Logline: Star crossed lovers, a mafia hitman in the midst of a mid-life crisis and other seedy criminal elements vie for piles of cash, a;; while a serial killer’s murder spree consumes late 1980’s New Orleans, Louisiana.

“Dirty Rice” is written along the lines of films such as “Jackie Brown” and “Snatch” and “Kiss the Girls”. The story revolves around a serial killer dubbed THE BAYOU REAPER who is terrorizing the city of New Orleans in the summer of 1989. KIM is a disenchanted exotic dancer who works for an unforgiving boss. She concocts a plan to rob him of his money and making a life changing escape. VINCENZO is a middle aged mafia hitman questioning his loyalties as well as his purpose in life. RICK is a despondent construction worker who moonlights as a bare knuckle boxer at the behest of his gambling degenerate boss. Their lives will never be the same as their paths unexpectedly cross paths over the course of three deceitful, frightening days in the Deep South.