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Micro-budget Thriller screenplay

90 page feature, SuspenseThriller that takes place entirely in 1 room. Similar to "Searching" and "The Guilty"

A vigilante predator catcher on bail for manslaughter has 24 hours to rescue an abducted child before she's murdered using only the internet and his cell phone.

SHAWN FAULKNER (30's) is a vigilante creep catcher. He poses as a child online, arranges to meet with predators, then summons Police to arrest them.

In the opening scene, Shawn busts STEFAN (50's) in a hotel room. Humiliated, the pervert escapes to a balcony and jumps to his death. Some weeks later, Shawn is on bail and under curfew awaiting trial for involuntary manslaughter. Traumatised by the incident, he spends his days home alone renovating a house left to him by his abusive father.

One morning, he receives a phone call from KRISTA (11) who whispers she's being held captive by 'Mr. Nasty' (nicknamed by the media) the elusive masked predator who murders his victims after 24 hours.

What follows is an investigative race against time to rescue the child using only the internet and his cell phone.


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