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Georgie (aka Boy George) is a 15 year-old who is like a 10 year-old mentally. He has no sexual experience. His mom is a sexually active woman who likes men and women: she picks up many people from bars and clubs. Georgie is having identity issues because of how she is behaving. The building neighbor and friend, Terry, a transgender social worker is helping troubled teens in New York City's Lower Eastside Youth Center. Terry babysits Georgie one night, he sneaks out of the apartment to meet a girl he want to have a relationship with. He gets raped by a homeless man at the bus depot. Georgie begins attending sessions and revealing himself. His mom begins having troubles with his biological father and the court system. Terry helps him come of age, he begins having sexual experiences with girls and boys. Later, his mom is diagnosed with HIV and Terry helps her through the ordeal. Terry herself is trying to get a sex operation to feel more like a woman. Her lover Andie, an androgynous partner help her compile the money at the end. Georgie, in his final session realizes that being a-sexual is really the route he'd like to take in his life because of his pain he feels for his mom's diagnosis.