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CLOAK AND DAGGER American rogue agent CAMERON BENT no loyalty just in for the money is a private contractor that will do work for any intelligece agency if the price is right. CAMERON is approached by a weathly American who hires him to go to Russia to retrieve his priceless Faberge egg that was stolen by a Russian general. C.I. A.operative MORTON CRANSTON {brother of SIMON CRANSTON Secretary of State] finds out through his sources CAMERON BENT was hired to bring the egg back to its rightful owner. MORTON knows the value of this priceless artifact. MORTON plan was to let CAMERON steal the egg kill CAMERON and hold the egg for ransom for a substantial amount of money. The murder of CAMERON BENT will happen in Russia. The spin American spy killed by the K.G.B. {Russian Secret Police}. stealing secret information.