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Feature film script - NECROMANCER


Written by: Christopher Sorensen

GENRE: Horror, Drama, Action/Adventure, World Peril

LOGLINE: A warrior who dies on the battlefield is given a second chance with the help of a Dark Mage who revives him to both stop a prophecy where darkness will cover the earth in shadows and demons.


It is the bronze age. A time where peace across Greece fills the people with hope and happiness. A time when darkness can sometimes creep itself in and influence man to do the most horrendous acts of violence. Such as it is on a battlefield where a General fights to keep his men safe from a ruthless Persian king and his army that number in the tens of thousands.

General Haffenon Castillanos by himself would love nothing more than to hack and chop his way across the field in order to grab hold and decapitate his enemy's head and to hold it high as his victory trophy. Yet as with all dark kings who wield power the Persian ruler uses a well kept secret to turn the tide of war into his favor. A dark mage.

One of the underworld who wields and uses dark magic that can also call upon the un-dead to be used as his own army. With just a word the dark mage - Marish Juntari calls forth his forces to swath over the blood stained field with a skeletal army that start to cut down any who are in their paths. Including the Persian soldiers.

Facing such a challenge, Haffenon steels himself and dashes over the fallen soldiers from both sides to take out this new threat paying no mind to his own safety. But before he even gets close enough to take out the dark wizard, he falls face first on the field - dead because the Necromancer utters one word. 'Die'

Ages passed and Haffenon with his new mentor Marish Juntari must wait until it is time to stop a long forgotten god to wake from his deep slumber and escape his prison. It is now 1969 AD. A time of peace once again yet marred with the political upheaval from a brazen US government who wants to involve themselves in the Vietnam war.

For Haffenon, it couldn't be more exciting to see that his new found powers will soon be unleashed. Powers given and taught to him by his once sworn enemy Marish Juntari. The world needs a hero. But to achieve fame and glory to stop a prophecy to become a reality, Haffenon must venture to the underworld to fine tune his skills. In essence, he must die yet again.


Christopher Sorensen was born in Edmonton Alberta Canada in 1965 to Elaine and Kurt Sorensen. During his first years of high school, he immersed himself in drama classes as an actor first and writer later on. After graduating, his youthful days were spent moving from one job to another to help give his life some meaning but to no avail. For a time it seemed that his life was becoming stagnated.

That is until he saw a theatrical release - Independence Day - 1996 which was a birthday present for his mother Elaine. With new found motivation, he started to write a science fiction script based on a television series but got no feedback to his attempt. Later in 2008 he wrote his own original script which was a period piece set in Japan during the feudal era. It got him into the quarter finals in the Zoetrope screenplay contest when the winners were announced.

This gave Chris more motivation than ever and over the course of four years wrote four more and entered into a new contest in 2012. His determination paid off becoming a Grand Prize Winner for his script - NECROMANCER but also got an honorable mention for a second script entitled - BLACK DOORS in the same genre category.

What his lifelong dream is to become a studio writer and to have his work recognized by a producer who can take a chance on finding an original script. Chris's latest works have now been entered in a new contest hosted by Script pipeline with ten new screenplays. It is regarded as one of the top contests in the US.