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The Back Door

It’s night and raining outside. Bea and her siblings decide to play hide and seek. Harry, Bea’s youngest brother is counting. Bea and her other siblings run to find a hiding spot. Bea decides to hide in her father’s office. She sits near the door so that if her brother comes in, she will also be able to scare him too. Bea can hear him still counting, “18, 19, 20, 21…” Bea can also hear some of her siblings moving around upstairs.

Then suddenly, she hears a voice, “Hey. Let me in. Hey. You there. Let me in.” Bea gets startled by the voice. She looks around the room. There’s no one else in the room. She thought she was hearing things until she heard a knock at the outside door’s window. She looked right at it. There, she saw a man. The man was knocking on the window door and asking, “Hey. Let me in. Come open the door for me. Come on. I won’t hurt you. Just let me in.”

Bea was afraid. She froze. She can hear her brother still counting while the man asks her to let her in. Bea sees him smiling at her. Her brother says, “45, 46…” As her brother was getting to the last numbers, the man reached for the door. Bea’s eyes widened in fear. Her brother says, “47, 48…” The man turned the doorknob. Her brother, “49, 50!” The door clicked. Her brother yells, “Ready or not! Here I come.” The door opens.