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Full Circle

A group of retired. and bored men who had a rock-band that didn't go anywhere in their younger years, have their reunited band gain sudden attention late in life as they perform with beautifully crafted and great-sounding guitars made out of bedpans – providing their long-missing “hook”. Ultimately, they end up in a battle-of-the bands with a young, hot-shot group of rockers. Initially disparaging of the older musicians and resentful of their success, the young band members learn from the seasoned musicians about true intra-band communications and the art of making all of their band members look good rather than showcasing themselves.
The lead character Mick who has been forced into a retirement home by his estranged son, gets the idea of creating instruments out of medical bedpans and basins. He builds a beautiful guitar from a bedpan that he has stolen, and pulls his old band members back together – building instruments for each of them. Their enthusiasm for life is regenerated, with rekindling of past relationships and formation of new relationships as they gain attention – the process made comical as a result of their late stage in life, limitations, needs and attitudes. As attention to them grows they engage n a battle-of-the-bands with a young and talented rock band.