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A Smorgasbord of intrigue and Ingredients Boils Over When Santa Hires an Outsider

SKINNY SANTA is a smorgasbord of post-holiday intrigue at the modern industrial complex called “Santa’s Workshop”. The North Pole heats up as haters and supporters face off, often in song, when an outsider is hired as a Second Santa.

This animated feature movie is a completed 109 page screenplay. It includes 5 ORIGINAL SONGS.

The new Santa hire is GRIO, a black man from the Lower 48 . Grio wonders about his life choice while being served a hot bowl of sabotage at nearly every turn by disgruntled elves and one particularly mean-spirited sprite.

We see the funny underbelly of fantasy realism Christmas - clandestine meetings at seedy bars and Christmas town jail where colorful inmates Snowman Destroyer, Tinsel Thief, and Reindeer Rustler bemoan their fates.

Mrs. Claus is a central character in SKINNY SANTA. Despite some initial misgivings over a magic cookie, Grio's thinness bothers Mrs. Claus. Her sincere efforts to cook exotic meals ("Stinkhead Soup, anyone?") to tempt Grio, reveals a motherly side of Mrs. Claus never before seen.

Grio undergoes year-long Santa Training including getting a santa suit, his reindeer team, and a sweet, tricked-out, elven-made sleigh.

The training includes learning the operational side of the Christmas business too. In Ordering, a price ticker scrolls overhead for Barbies, Xboxes, and Candyland as elves negotiate toy commodities. Logistics is a fully robotic massive warehouse. And recycling, an as-yet unrealized goal.

Santa Grio learns the job of being Santa is more than just coming down a chimney with a bound. It's hard and sometimes dangerous work.

Santa Grio has several sweet and funny encounters with house pets, street dogs, and farm animals. The act of giving is personally satisfying. The world on a crystal clear, starry Christmas Eve night is beautiful from on high especially with a full belly and holiday jazz playing softly through quad speakers.

Then Grio notices dark and melancholy neighborhoods. He makes an unscheduled stop to investigate. That investigation brings about epiphanies for Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus and melts the cold, cold heart of our mischievous Sprite.

At the heart of SKINNY SANTA, is the true meaning of Christmas - charity, samaritanism, and even a little dab of Jesus. The story is a delicious romp through holiday fantasy realism suitable for audiences of all ages.