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2 fiction scripts offer


Scripts Proposal 2023
Feature script + TV series

Nightmare Leaders

GENRE: Fiction, Comedy, Political Satire, Bizarre Leaders, Fake Media, Unscrupulous Politicians, Hollywood Superstars
Power-crazed politicians are dragging the world into a hallucinatory war!
Two superpower leaders with inflated egos, an insanely false sense of aggrandizement, and an unwavering desire to control the world are dragging the world into a delusional, crazy, and uncontrollable war of doom.
These conflicted presidents, each driven by delusion and greed, resort to fraud, bribery, and corruption. Alexander Monroe - the president of the Democratic Organization, and Suleiman Assad - the president of the Free Islamic Forces, find themselves dragged into an inevitable war.
The performance of President Monroe and the members of his government was examined by the government psychiatrist Professor Cheers, and it soon became very clear that it would have been better if someone had supervised her as well...
During the illusory war, well-known Hollywood actors are forced to function as deadly commandos and go beyond enemy lines. Other countries and international organizations are restricted from intervening in this dire situation. Both leaders are eventually charged with war crimes, but to escape the consequences of their actions, they both wield a Doomsday Device and hold the world hostage with incredible results.
Samples Available: short animation/main character photos/comics
https://youtu.be/SIZmx0t1JhQ SHORT ANIMATION LINK

• A feature film (138/114 pages ready and available)
• T.V. series (30/60 pages first draft, 320 pages total)
• A film in three sequels in the style of The Lord of the Rings (first draft)
• An animated film/series (first draft)
• Graphic Novel/comics (first draft)
• Movie/series for the internet
• Movie/series for mobile
• Computer/mobile game
• All kinds of merchandise


Ominous Signs (based on true events)

Genre: Fiction, Psychological Thriller, Mystery, Suspense, Psychopathy, Courtroom

Ominous Signs: Based on events that take place in our time in any ordinary country and city. This is a dark and deceptive psychological thriller about the heinous and primal murder of a child. Police methodically and patiently examine and investigate the crime in a bid to catch the perpetrator.

Ominous Signs pulls viewers deeply into the social fallout resulting from the murder of seven-year-old Isaac Manis. As the investigation into his wrongful death ensues, the terrible forces of deception and manipulation challenge the virtues of truth and justice in a seemingly "upright" society.
After seven-year-old Yitzhak Manis was kidnapped from his home and murdered, Lieutenant Michael "Mickey" Holmes, a detective specializing in unsolved crimes, is assigned to investigate the case. Soon, Mickey finds himself entangled in a complex narrative woven by unknown hands. As the pressure to find the killer mounts, they pin the blame on Joshua Solomon, the mysterious leader of a nearby religious cult with a long record of child abuse. Although Solomon appears to be the prime suspect, Mickey's deputy, Wally, does not seem convinced.
The investigation continues as Solomon awaits trial. Meanwhile, the investigators look deeper to discover the truth about young Isaac's private life. As a child of a broken home, Isaac's environment was dysfunctional at best. His father, Avraham, treated him with extreme resentment. His stepfather, Gideon, saw him as nothing more than a nuisance. Suspicion begins to brew in the minds of the investigators as they uncover clues about the past lives of all the suspects. Could these revelations be the key to uncovering the truth, or are things really as they seem?
Eventually, Solomon is accused of the crime, and all efforts to clear his name are refuted. Just as he is preparing to receive punishment, the terrifying truth is revealed.
The story is told in a series of quick scenes that heighten the tension and take the reader to a tense conclusion. Ominous Signs is a movie that clearly highlights a society full of repulsive, indulgent, and psychotic characters. Perfect for lovers of intrigue, thrillers, suspense, and murder mysteries, this movie sheds light on the darkest and most hidden parts of polite society.
I am a disabled author and screenwriter with a penchant for writing Psychological Thrillers, Drama, Comedy, Fantasy, Science fiction, and Satire. I studied Directing and Screenwriting at the prestigious College of Film and Television. I am now retired but still write.

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