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A timely screenplay given what's happening.

Long ago (2006) I completed a novel and screenplay.

It is now eerily timely as the title attests. I don't claim to be a Nostradamus but I can't help but shake my head given how close it parody's the present with what happened in Israel along with conjectures about the future, a future with hope. The title?

The War The World Saw Coming
Formatted on Final Draft version 5


Michael Reynolds not only read history but lived it. He leaves America after college to become an Army NSA Russian intelligence analyst in Germany having grown up with the language in Chicago. In Britain he meets Angela Lawrence, an RAF Op who falls in love with him but is reassigned and never returns his letters.

Michael is later posted in what was West Berlin, Germany, marries a woman from Texas visiting her sister in Frankfurt Germany. He has a son, finishes his tour of duty and returns home only to be shunned at his job since he is a straight laced person yet shows up for work, hence is vaulted.

After some years in advertising as a sales representative he later finds social nirvana at an Indian-owned software firm in Norcross, Georgia where he resides. He bonds with the Indian lads as the two cultures blend as one just before Helen Clayton becomes president.

Suddenly, Iran attacks Israel and others including Russia, this after dirty nukes explode in Detroit and Vienna. America is at
war along with a major consortium of nations. He is called back
to duty at age fifty-eight, commissioned a captain and teamed up with his old love interest in the UK until he is embedded with a lost Indian infantry unit, this after Iranian artillery flips his INTEL signals gathering truck killing Angela.

He is alone and picked up by a lost squad of Indian soldiers in a truck as the West liberates Israel and the Arab nations Iran captured and eventually pacifies the Middle East. He returns home to his wife and son along with accolades from both the US, UK and India as America reinvents itself along with the world via mass rebellions that take down the Russian, Chinese, Iranian and North Korea repressive regimes.

Again, this is the first screenplay to emerge with a background congruent to events that occurred on Saturday October 7, 2023.

This is a dangerous and tense time. This novel, and screenplay, which parody's Herman Wouk's Winds Of War, could perhaps render some hope for a jittery planet.

Thank you,

From: Michael Riles
983 Fox Valley Trail
Stone Mountain, Georgia 30088