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A screenplay based on a true story

The Good Dad
Screenplay formatted on Final Draft

Joe Nichols became the Treasurer of his college frat in 1970, an experience with stories that parody the antics seen in the cult movie Animal House.

He graduates with a degree in Business Management and finds himself working for firms that send him to Japan, Italy, and Egypt. The antics continue overseas until respective downsizings occur that brings him home to a firm where he meets Beth, his wife to be. They marry, she takes a job with a major mail and package transport firm and quickly receives a major promotion to run operations in Hong Cong on the very day Joe is let go and she learns she’s pregnant.

Joe follows his wife becoming a househusband to raise their son Cole until the dot com crash, pay cuts, Beth taking her frustration out on Joe and deciding to leave him with Cole and sole custody. But the boy, age six, tells his absentee mother he wants to be with the only parent he ever knew—his dad. Father and son return home to Chicago for that "do-over" that only a land like America can offer.