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Kate Markus, Identity Thief, Murder, Sex, Suspense

Kate Markus Stolen Life
Stolen Live is written on parcel truth. My husband Chuck and son Levi would not tell us where they were going. But Christy, my daughter-in-law and I saw that they had loaded their camping gear and guns. Christy and I wish them good luck and send them on their way. We thought they were going to north Idaho. They will only be 6 hours away from us, we live near Boise.
My son told his wife he would call every night. The first night he did and said they were setting up camp. The next morning, I received a call from a man who said his name was Jim. He said he found Chuck's wallet in South Dakota. I told him I would try to call him. I took his number and we tried to call Chuck and Levi.
After a few hours, Jim was getting tired of waiting. He told us the next day he was going home to Washington. He was there visiting a friend. The first call was the twenty-eight of sept. and on the twenty-ninth, we called the police in South Dakota and had them start looking. We gave them the truck's ID. And all we knew that was going on, which was not much. The Sheriff looked everywhere where he thought they would be hunting. With no luck, and it worried him that Jim would not leave the checkbook with him.
When Keith decided to bring me the check book the sheriff wanted me to meet him at the police station. Not knowing that my son Jason is a US Marshal. Jason got his fingerprints from the wallet and found his real name Keith Neely he had stolen my husband’s identity, Shot her son, and threatened the babies. Kate couldn’t let it stand that way, knowing he was coming for her. She knew she would have to kill him to save her family. and she kills him in the same place he killed her beloved Chuck.

Word count 27712
Genre and target audience: Crimes and empowerment.
Katherine Marvin
525 S Crane Rd
Weiser Id 83672
I have two more books in this Kate Markus series.
Cold Case of Lies