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The year 1960 Roberto sister and mother exile to the U.S. when Castro takes over the country. The story is how a talented singer is recruited by the CI.A. and Mafia to go to Cuba and kill Castro. Roberto wants Castro dead because they were forced to leave and his father who is a medical doctor couldn't leave because Castro threaten all doctors if they try to leave Cuba they will be put in prison. Roberto sings at a nightclub owned by a Mafia boss who had to leave his nightclub behind because of Castro. He wants his club back. American indusrties is pressuring the U.S. government to get rid of Castro so they bring American indusrty back to Cuba. A C.I.A. agent approaches the Mafia boss with a plan. How we are going to get rid of Castro? We send the Cuban singer to Hanvana get him the club you owned. I found out it is owned by a Dutchmen. The agent trains Roberto how to use a gun and arranges his trip for Cuba. Roberto goes to Hanvana and gets in the nightclub. He becomes the most popular singer in all of Hanvana. One night they close the nightclub down for Castro and his guests. Castro liked Roberto so much he had stay at the presidential palace as a guest and perform at parties for his personel friends. How can you kill someone who becomes your best friend?