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THE TRAVELLER - Dark Comedy/Surrealism Feature Film

LOGLINE: A woman with a mysterious curse that transports her into the bodies of random women during orgasm finds herself in danger when she enters the body of an LA elite in a failing marriage who leads a double life as a criminal in an underground gambling ring.

Emma, 27, is a woman under exceptional circumstances, as every time she has sex, she is transported into another woman's body during orgasm. The women she becomes are also doing the deed in real time. She lives as a “traveller”, moving from body to body until she’s bored or in trouble. She carries nothing from her past into her present and has no control over who she becomes.

We follow her as she enters the body of Margot, 31, a wealthy and beautiful LA aristocrat in a failing marriage. She learns quickly that Margot is so much more than she seems - she leads a secret double life where she and her business partner/paramour, Tom, run a shady and very illegal underground casino. Unaware of how to navigate the criminal waters she’s now treading, she has to fight for her life and avoid detection as an alien on the scene. It’s not just the money and thrill keeping her from switching bodies - she also finds herself, for the first time in her life, falling in love and unwilling to move on.