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The Life of Shakespeare

The play I have written is called the Seven Ages of Shakespeare, referencing his lines in "As You Like It" .."all the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players." which goes on to reference the seven ages through which we live. I have divided the play in the same manner, starting with his infancy, youth, adulthood and marriage and the felicitous way in which he joined the Lord Chamberlains' Men when they toured Stratford. The story continues with his moving with the company to London as a minor player and rising playwright. It's presented from the beginning as a commentary by his lifelong friend Bon Johnson. It deals with the success of the theatre at the Globe and then the visits back to Stratford to visit his wife, Anne and his children, one of whom, Hamnet, dies at a young age. The final act is Shakespeare's retirement to the country and managing his financial enterprises and family life, drinking with Johnson and the poet Drayton, and then his early demise at the age of 53. There was considerable ressearch to create this work which is, subject to some academic debate, factual, and indeed fascinating. To read the manuscript you will come to know the greatest dramatist and poet the world has ever known.