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Unlawful to hate the Devil

The idea is that hate was once used by civilization to teach children of right and wrong, this hate was a hate for the Devil. These children would then hate the devil they would hate evil and grow up to be honest and kind. The Term Devil was used and thrown around to communicate a level of evil that has no limits, evil that has no morals, evil that would if given the chance would commit any crime or sin. This is all Back when lunatic people was lynched publicly with pride. This screen play compares those times with a more evolved/unevolved version of society of today. In this new society hate is now a crime, "hate-crime" hate is now not-allowed to be spoken "hate speech". In a world where grown men openly campaign to be allowed in restrooms with little kids. In a world where grown men openly chop off there own genitalia in some case and add other genitalia in other cases. In this new world does the Devil have the new moral high ground by replacing the hate for the Devil with an open mind. Will the father of lies have a future in this new world, stay tuned to find out