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How unequal Treatment of the law came to be

A True story of white collar and blue collar crime. The story dives into the separate government process of charging each criminal with a crime. Most of us are familiar with blue collar crime, you contact the police then they come out and interview you and take a statement. After that time they decide if they have enuff evidence to take them to jail. The charge me or let me go idea. Next we have a white collar process of charging the criminals with crime. You contact the attorney generals office and they direct you to a website, then you file a complaint to report the white collar crime. You file the complaint online, and that's it. Lets say that someone gets put on trial for white collar crime, lest say they also get convicted. In this case they would then be sent to a minimum security prison where they have no bars or cages. The are also supplied with table games like ping pong to play all day while in confinement. Compare that to blue collar prisons, we have all seen the bars and the correctional officers. This screen play explores the Big difference in our justice system between the rich and the poor.