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TITLE: BOOM!Town (GENRE: Parody/Satire on Mafia Movies/Dark/Mob/Crime Comedy).

LOGLINE 1: A retired mobster. A car bomb. A bloody foot. That’s right – a “family” picture.

LOGLINE 2: A retired mob cleaner is pulled into a turf war between Mafia families when a bloody foot lands on his roof after a neighborhood car bombing.

TONE: On the surface, the world of BOOM!Town is best staged as a realistic, menacing character drama. But, by underplaying its dialogue’s eccentricities, there lurks a sharp, street-smart comedy. (E.g., The Soprano’s meets the Coen Bros. A Fargo with mob-speak.)

STORY SKETCH: Set in 1962, Youngstown, Ohio -- a Midwestern, working-class burgh then known as "Bomb City, USA" -- BOOM!Town is the off-beat story of NUNZIO PELUSO, a former Mafia "cleaner."

Nunzio, now retired, still misses his peculiar job (mopping up after mob hits), and enjoys keeping souvenirs of his past work as a hobby. No one knows, but in a secret cellar, he’s preserved (in jars of honey), a variety of errant noses, tongues, and fingers he’s snipped off of dead gangsters. Nunzio explains, "Why not? They ain't using 'em no more. Where's the harm?"

Nunzio's daughter, MARGIE, sees her Dad as a lazy, reprobate, pain in the ass, who is turning her 12-year-old son, BUTCH, into his unindustrious protégé. In truth, Nunzio loves and cares deeply for Butch, and their scenes are the sweet/funny heart and arc of the story.

One day, quite serendipitously, Nunzio is pulled into a turf war between current mob families when a man’s foot lands on his roof after a nearby neighborhood car bombing – which was quite frequent those days in Youngstown (really!) On the foot is scribbled a way to find a large cache of money that both crime families believe belongs to them. As the mob chatter roils and heats, the FBI learns "something big is going down." Unbeknownst to Margie, JIMMY – an FBI undercover agent -- begins to secretly court her, initially just to get inside mob info from Nunzio “who still hears things.”

Situations get even more complicated when Jimmy falls in love with Margie.

The final act sends Nunzio, Butch, Margie, the FBI, and a gang of can't-shoot-straight goombahs on the chase of their lives, toward an "I-did-not-see-that-coming!" ending.

RECOGNITION THUS FAR: The BOOM!Town screenplay has earned 7 ”First Finalist” Awards from Coverfly – “the film industry's largest screenwriter talent-discovery platform.”

POSITIVE COVERAGE COMMENTS: "A suspenseful, hilarious action story with heart." "The gritty dialogue in particular is quite funny." "BOOM!Town concludes with a ’surprise’ bang!"

MOST LIKELY MPAA RATED: R - Violence, coarse language, brief nudity.