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Books to Movies Volume 1 of 6

Finding herself chained as a slave, Arubae takes on the daunting task of escaping the grasps of the Eropian soldiers. Fleeing the Land of Lusabian, Arubae makes her way to the Land of Missoin in search of her lost son Olufemi and her brother Akim. The obstacles that Arubae encounters places her face to face with death. The great assassin, Zata, King Thorian, and their soldiers all set out on a pursuit to capture the runaway Kemite woman who possesses something they all fear- MAGIC. Joining forces with others who are spiritually gifted like herself, Arubae and her newfound sisters form the Sisters of Enchantment. Will they succeed in freeing their people from bondage, reclaiming their land, or will King Thorian and his soldiers prevail? Follow Arubae on her quest to freedom in G.O.D.- Sisters of Enchantment.

Volume 1 of 6