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Feature film screenplay

I representation or a producer for The Evolution of the Family, a feature length screenplay about a New York Mafia family.

As a young man, I worked for my grandfather, who owned several businesses in Newark, New Jersey, where Mafia activity was prevalent. Based on my real-world exposure to organized crime in Newark, I wrote The Evolution of the Family.

As the aging patriarch of a New York Mafia family grooms his three sons for its leadership, the family passes through prosperity and adversity along the way.

Don Scaliante, the head of the Scaliante Mafia family, manages his New York crime family with prudence. Although he is a man of power and wealth, he also has problems to deal with. One source of these problems is the Falcuni family, a rival Mafia family. Another involves his middle son Anthony, who chronically uses illegal drugs. However, amidst the prosperity and adversity that the Scaliante family endures, Don Scaliante is seen as a man of wisdom.

The target audience for this screenplay would be all adults.

Anthony Thomas Voglino is a graduate of Boston University, where he received a BA in philosophy. He has a passion for artistic endeavors and spend a great deal of time writing. He has written play scripts, screenplays, dialogues, novels, books of philosophy, books of short stories, and books of poetry. One of his published writings includes The Adamante Family, which is a novella about a Mafia family in New Jersey.

Please consider representing me for my screenplay or producing it.


Anthony Thomas Voglino