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Trish's Photos/Carrollton/No. 2

A look at the grounds surrounding Susan and Eaton's home in Carrollton. If my eyes aren't deceiving me, that's the lake in the background.

Re: Trish's Photos/Carrollton/oops no.3

just to set the record straight, that was no. 3

Re: Re: Trish's Photos/Carrollton/oops no.3

I just thought I would let everyone know that these photos were actually taken on what would have been Susan's 89th Birthday - 30th June, 2006.

That is the lake Susan and Eaton built in the background. There was such a lovely serene atmosphere in the area - probably due to the Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Help and the cemetery nearby.
I will never forget that day - I had spent 31 years of wishing I could travel to Carrollton and now I was actually there!


Re: Re: Re: Trish's Photos/Carrollton/oops no.3

Thank you, ladies for the photos.

Re: Trish's Photos/Carrollton/No. 2

i may have some other photos somewhere. i'll really have to search. Eaton was my uncle although he died before I was born. I was given Eaton as my middle name. My grandfather was buried right near Eaton and Susan and my grandmother, Eaton's sister, still lives in Carrolton. I seem to remember my dad saying he watched Susan get her Oscar from her and Eaton's house. They lived with them for a while, in the guest house until my grandparents could get settled.

Re: Trish's Photos/Carrollton/No. 2

Thanks for sharing this neat photo. It is also nice to hear from TJ and his comments/memories.Really nice.

Re: Trish's Photos/Carrollton/No. 2

i know my grandmother has a photo of eaton and susan sitting next to the lake. i'd love to get down there to scan it.

Re: Trish's Photos/Carrollton/No. 2

TJ - rest assured, a LOT of us would LOVE it if you were able to scan it next time you visit down there - lol.


Re: Trish's Photos/Carrollton/No. 2

Ditto for me, TJ. Like Kerry and all the other Susan Hayward fans on this site, I would love it if you could get that photo of Susan and Eaton and scan it for us.

Thanks in advance.