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"I'll Cry Tomorrow" came today.

Hi everyone;
MY DVD came today and I could hardly wait to play it. I believe someone has already mentioned about the special attractions on the DVD: like the George Murphy interview with Susan which is great and he shows scenes from the film. IT also shows the scenes from the premiere; plus the trailer. All in all I love it. I am still waiting for "With a Song in My Heart" better late then NEVER!!

Re: "I'll Cry Tomorrow" came today.

Great for you Ray.

the extras on the I'll cry tomorrow DVD are indeed great!

Re: "I'll Cry Tomorrow" came today.

I have the tape but would like the dvd. where do I get it? I just watched "I'll Cry Tomorrow" on TCM. As always it meant a lot to me. It inspired me to get sober some 39 years ago. Even if Lillian couldn't stay sober, she helped me! God bless her. Thank you for having this website. Please forward this to Ginger. thanx,

Re: "I'll Cry Tomorrow" came today.

Wow, that's amazing. I watched it today, too, when I got home. It certainly is an inspirational and wonderful story. I love it every single time.