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Now...I hate to give out this 'half' information, but I will look into it further and try to get the titles of the books...

Two 'local' women, who lived in St. George and (Hurricane...where I live)and the aftermath from the blasts in the Nevada desert, during the filming of THE CONQUEROR and how it is still a serious part of their lives. The two books are to come out this month.

It might be of interest to some of us who wanted to know more about how so many people developed the cancer from the blast and more of how this lingering disease.

Not only did it kill so many people in this area, but that was not the end of the dying and continuing of whatever it was that caused so many people to die. It continues to kill, to this day, because there seems to be no cure, so if your family was exposed to whatever was in the air from the blast, that day, it never leaves you. Some families were completly wiped out...no one still alive as this cancer has killed them all...and it still killing other families slowly but surely.

I guess that's why Susan and other members of the film did not get the effects of the cancer right away because it slowly takes over your body..finally destroying you.

This deadly killer has a name and you may have heard of it....DOWNWINDER...You were known as a downwinder, if you and your family has this disease. Now..the name of the one book is...DOWNWINDER...but I can't remember the name of the other womans book.

I have always how odd this must have been, for those who had it..You have no idea that you are ill and slowly dying..and how many years this has been going on inside you.

It has just been a few months ago, that the government announced that they were going to do another one of those BLASTS in the same area and so there was a big protest and very angry people who's famlies. The date had been set and they said it would not hurt anyone, because this time it would be UNDERGROUND, whereas the blast that infected Susan et all...was not an underground blast.

To this day, we don't know if they actually DID THE BLAST or not...and even how safe it was even being underground.

This may be quite 'off topic' here, but thought I would let you know that these two books, since this was the 'time and reason'...we lost her so early in her life.