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Hello Everyone,

Having just returned to the U.K. after a wonderful trip to the U.S.A. I thought I would write and let you all know what a privilege it was to meet up with Ally and her friend Josh in New York City. It was quite a coincidence that we were both going to be there at the same time.

Both Tim and Jean Marie must be so proud of their daughter who took time out of her vacation to spend the day with my friend Joanne (another admirer of Susan's whom I met through Ginger's site) and me.

We meet at Ground Zero, went for lunch and then took the subway over to Brooklyn to visit the Botanic Gardens there. It was a beautiful place and like a breath of fresh air after Manhattan and the humidity. Anybody who visits New York might like to see the commemorative stone honouring Susan on the celebrity path at the Gardens. There were a lot of names there as New York has apparently produced many famous people but we were really just interested in finding the one dedicated to Susan.

I then asked directions to Prospect Heights High School as I understood it was near by and we found it easily. It was originally called Girls Commercial High when Susan attended there. We were able to go inside as summer school was in session although the school closed down two years ago as a High School. I felt very emotional being there with Ally who was born after Susan passed away and so proud to actually be at her old school with her granddaughter.

Ally and Josh came back to our hotel for a chat - we were staying at the Waldorf Astoria which was another great experience. Joanne and I were talking of all the famous people who have previously stayed there - particularly Susan on numerous occasions. She was there with Florence in March 1941 to publicize Adam Had Four Sons when they had a disagreement and Susan went back to California on her own.

This was one of the most memorable days of my life and I thank Ally and Josh immensely for their kindness and consideration to two older ladies who have had a place in their hearts and lives since childhood for Superstar Susan Hayward.

I have been very fortunate to have visited so many places connected with Susan - her home on Longridge Avenue where she lived with Jess, Tim and Gregory; her home in Carrollton where I was also able to place roses on her grave and visit the church - Our Lady of Perpetual Help and speak with many people who remembered her; her last house on Laurel Way, Beverly Hills (I was actually inside that one) and now her old school in Brooklyn.

Susan will never be forgotten and I am honoured to be counted amongst her many fans.



A terrific holiday Trish, and the New York day was undoubtedly the cream on the cake. Ally sounds delightful, and as you say, is a credit to her parents.
After quite a few of these successful expeditions on your part to visit places strongly associated with Susan, you are possibly in line to receive the Ginger Website Award for most dedicated fan. Deservedly so.

Thanks for the news of your trip.




What a great time you had! I'm so sorry I wasn't able to join you in NYC as I'd hoped, but I'm enjoying it through your e-mails and posting here.

As usual, your reporting of everything you experienced was excellent. Thanks for letting us share!



Trish, I'm so happy that you had an opportunity to meet Ally. I have had some correspondence with her, and she is so sweet and thoughtful. She sounds like a lovely girl and it was really great that she and her friend, Josh were able to meet up with you and Joanne and spend the day. I'm glad everything went so beautifully for all of you.


Yeah, she is a pretty good kid, but then I am her Pop.

Ally, Michael and Amiee had dinner with me tonight and Allo brought her new dog over....

Tim B.