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Hi, I thought you might like to see my Myspace page. Actually, it was Ginger's idea. I never thought to show it before :)

Actually, I do have a question. I've always wondered, how old is Susan's granddaughter Ally? She looks young. I was wondering if she is anywhere near my age.

Hehe :)

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Desiree, thanks for posting your myspace page. I enjoy the videos. For anybody reading this, you can click on the pause button on Desiree's music player on the left of the page, and you can then hear the videos.

The What's My Line clip is very neat. I have a huge collection of What's My Line shows. Those shows really bring back memories. Susan was never on What's My Line, although I remember that Bennett Cerf once thought a mystery guest was Susan, but he was wrong. I don't remember who the mystery guest was the night.

As far as Ally -- I think she is about 18 or 19, but I am not totally certain. Maybe Tim or Trish can help you out with that.

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Ally is 19 years old.


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Oh, she is my age. I am also 19. I think that's very cool :) Thank you for answering my question, Ginger and Trish.

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Sorry I didn't read your whole reply the first time, Ginger.

I love What's My LIne? I watch it every night faithfully. Hehe. I never saw the one where someone thought the guest was Susan, so I don't know either :P The mystery guest part is definitely the highlight of the show.

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I think it is so endearing that someone as young as you appreciates the classic film stars and shows like What's My Line!

I especially enjoy the very early WML shows, around 1950 or 1951.

I'll tell you a little story about the WML shows. I have the show from the week after Dorothy Kilgallen died. It was somewhat of a somber show. The cast was trying to keep everything going as usual.
That night, a man appeared as a regular guest on the show. He mentioned that he was from a certain town on Long Island. This show must have been around 1964 or 65..anyway, about a year ago I was watching this and when he was asked where he was from, I noticed that he was from the same town on Long Island where a friend of mine (and Jill's)lives. I told my friend about this. I had found a youtube clip of it and sent it to her.

This is getting long.. ha.. -- anyway, my friend, who is in her late 70's, got her phone book out and tracked down this guy.
She told him about the clip and he and his family were so excited to see that youtube recording. I was later able to get a copy on dvd of it from a videotape that I have and it was sent to him. He wrote me an email back later and was so thrilled. I think probably he is in his early 70's now. He was so happy to be able to show it to his family and to have a copy for himself.

Well, I just thought that was all kind of neat. There I am sitting up late at night watching WML, a guest comes on the show, 40 years later from the show's airdate, I'm corresponding with the guy and sending him a copy.

What a life!

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Wonderful story. I had never heard it before. I am sure that guy was thrilled to receive a copy of the show.

Now, if you could find a copy of the quiz show I appeared on in the 1960s! Doubt if you can because it is not that pretigious. I did take photos off the TV though, which I still have.


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Which quiz show, Jill? Did you win any money?... !! LOL

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Jill, I'm still looking for Susan's appearance on The Joey Bishop Show.. the actual video of it...SOMEBODY has it!

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I think that's a very interesting story. So long ago... Haha. That's exciting :)

Yes, which quiz show was it? ARe you saying it's one that is never showed in reruns?

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Ginger, I'm with you on that one. I would LOVE to see the Joey Bishop show that Susan was in. Thanks to you, at least we got to hear the audio. What a treat that was.

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Thanks Christina... I need to re-work the audio and get it back on the home page again...just haven't had time to get to it.

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Ginger and all:

Please excuse the misspelling of "prestigious" in my previous post. As a writer/editor I do not like to make mistakes like that.

The quiz show was a local effort telecast in New York called "It's Your Move." You had to act out phrases so that your partner could guess them -- somewhat like charades. You won't believe the crazy prizes I won: a polaroid camera, a bowling ball, a contraption called a snurfer (for surfing on snow -- I actually used it in Central Park), and 50 cans of sardines (which I gave to a friend who actually loved it). I always regretted missing the top prize -- a trip to Jamaica. In fact, to this day if anyone mentions "Jamaica," I cringe a little. I will never go on another quiz show because who needs to cry over something you never had in the first place.

As far as the Joey Bishop tape goes, as you know I had planned to write to Joey Bishop but he died in the interim. I have a friend who knows his son but says he's kind of a jerk so I doubt if he would know anything about his father's business nor would I want to ask him.

I am inclined to believe that the tape does not exist or was otherwise taped over or disposed of.


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I think that quiz show sounds like an interesting idea. I can't imagine winning 50 cans of sardines! Yuck. Haha. Very strange.

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While I'm with Desiree regarding the excitement and bliss of being landed with 50 cans of sardines, they would have done wonders for your Omega 3 levels - LOL.

At least with Quiz Shows and many Game Shows, the contestant has some input, some means of using skills, general knowledge, memory function, innovativeness etc.

For those of us who appear cursed when it comes to random luck and blind chance, as in raffles, Lottos, slot machines, most gambling, scratch and win tickets, lucky door prizes, bingo - whatever - we are 100% at the mercy of the fates and luck. There is naught we can do to influence the outcome.

I don't blame you Jill, for some lingering angst with a missed Jamaican trip. That would have been a terrific prize.


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Yeah, Kerry, I wish I had liked sardines.

You're right about at least having a fighting chance with a quiz show -- that is if you don't goof up the last acting-out charade. But we filmed two shows on that day and I blamed my blackout on that.

As far as the blind luck goes, I have won things (raffles, business card drawings, door prizes) quite a bit over the years. I've won a flower arrangement, a globe of the world, food-warmer, champagne brunch at the Queen Mary and a weekend stay in a mini-suite in Palm Springs. (The latter was really fun.) But I have not won anything lately. Boo hoo.

I had a funny experience regarding a door prize. I went to a reunion of my college one year and they announced my name as winning some Tom Arnold hats and stuff from his ill-fated show. I didn't even acknowledge when they read the number, but just kept sitting. Not only did the "prize" not appeal to me, but in truth I had a little too much wine and didn't feel comfortable going up on stage.