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Movie Poster

I went shopping in the mall today, and there is a shop I really like that has nostalgic things. I always get I Love LUcy things. Today, I saw a movie poster of "The Lusty Men" and I couldn't resist it. =] I've never seen a Susan Hayward item in there, and I've been going there for years.

Do any of you have anything collected of Susan Hayward?

Re: Movie Poster

Lucky you, Desiree for getting that poster! (I can't believe you are a Lucy fan too.. so am I.)...maybe you had told me before, but I didn't remember.

Anyway, I do have quite a lot of Susan items that I cherish! ..mostly photos, magazines, and films, of course. I have two really nicely framed pictures of poster type ads from "They Won't Believe Me" and "I'll Cry Tomorrow." It's just kind of ongoing as far as collecting. Probably most people here have items relating to Susan. It's just internal..we can't help it!

Re: Movie Poster

Very cool! I don't have anything except movies.. and that poster now. I guess you could say I have mostly collected Lucy items. I have known about her much longer, after all. Ha. But I'm glad I found Susan!

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In answer to your question, I have been collecting pictures, photographs, articles and anything regarding Susan for the past 57/58 years.

I have 19 scrapbooks full of original cuttings, pics etc. obtained from all over the world and I am now on my 37th book collecting anything from the Internet. I also have a great many "real" photos (some original) which I have purchased, including lobby cards etc. Susan was featured on a lovely plate with John Wayne from "The Fighting Seabees" which I have in my living room and which I found quite by chance while touring Colorado.

I have copies of all Susan's feature length films on DVD and video and never tire of seeing her. She sings the songs from "I'll Cry Tomorrow" on a cd which I bought from Amazon which also features Jane Froman singing from "With a Song in My Heart".

My ambition was always to somehow meet Susan Hayward but that was not to be, so I am very fortunate to have been able to do the next best thing in meeting her lovely granddaughter Ally.

There will never be anyone to come near the Superstar
Susan - in talent, looks, charisma and sheer magnetism.

God Bless Her Always.


Re: Movie Poster

Wow, Trish, I think that is amazing. All those things you have collected. A lot of effort it took, and it must be so great to own all those things! I haven't seen all of her movies, because after all, I've only actually known about her for about a year or two :) But I do have about 25 or so of her movies. I think that's pretty good, haha. Actually, now that I think of it, I do have a pretty large collection of old movies on DVDS. I probably have about 50 or so in cases. And then I have 3 full boooks of DVDs of them. Sometimes I think I'm obsessed with taht sort of thing. But oh well!

I hate to admit this, but I am jealous of all that you've collected :) Hehe.

Re: Re: Movie Poster

I had a chance to meet Daniel and Andy Barker and that was very special too... such great guys...really down to earth, but I was on cloud 9.

Desiree, you'll learn and grow a lot by studying Susan's films. She certainly has enriched my life.

Re: Movie Poster

I agree. I practically have them memorized by now. Haha. What is your favorite one? You've probably said that before, but I don't know if I read what it was.

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Well, I have had almost my whole life to collect anything to do with Susan so I have had a headstart on you.

Ginger mentioned that Susan has enriched her life - she has definitely enriched mine - beyond measure really - as she has played such a big part in it. Once she entered my heart she has stayed there forever.

I was wondering which was the first film you saw of Susan's where she made an impression on you as mine was "My Foolish Heart". It is heartwarming to know that young people such as yourself will appreciate her
and love her films.

Happy viewing.


Re: Re: Re: Movie Poster

Trish, yes, isn't it strange how a person, someone you have never known, but know only through the light and energy on a screen can somehow work their way to your heart and soul and stay there? Well, life is basically energy anyway, isn't it?..maybe somehow, that all relates.. it's too deep for me, but Susan hooked me when I was 13 and she didn't even know it!..but I did.

Desiree, I think if I had to narrow my favorite films of Susan's down it would be:

1. With a Song in My Heart
2. The President's Lady
3. Back Street
4. My Foolish Heart
5. I'll Cry Tomorrow
6. Smash-Up/The Story of A Woman

I think Susan was remarkable in I Want To Live, but it's a little difficult for me to watch -- but I do usually watch it about once a year.

Re: Movie Poster

Those are all wonderful movies. I love them all. My favorite movie is I'll Cry Tomorrow.

The first movie I saw of Susan's was I Want to Live! It was the weekend and I was watching TCM the whole day you know. And that movie came on and I was glued to the TV. I was so moved by it. And I guess that's how I came to love her :)

Although I have to admit, I think I saw I'll Cry Tomorrow or Smash Up years ago. I was looking for Eddie Albert because I like him. But I don't think I paid much attention to it at the time unless he was there. Haha funny :)

Re: Re: Movie Poster

Desiree, a good friend of mine, Julie, who lives on Long Island, was Lillian Roth's best friend and secretary for many years. I have visited her home frequently and Jill has visited also. She has shared a lot of insight about Lillian and she also has a large collection of Lillian Roth memorabilia. She started working for Lillian not long after I'll Cry Tomorrow was written. I think the story is that Lillian was needing a secretary because of all the correspondence and appearances that were coming her way which were generated by the movie and the book.

Re: Movie Poster

Wow, thank you for sharing that. I like how you're good friends with her. :) Have you known her long?

Re: Re: Movie Poster

Desiree, she signed my "Susan Hayward" guestbook several years ago, maybe around 2000, I can't remember for sure. From there, we began corresponding and when I visit my daughter in NYC once a year, I always go out to visit her.

She has come on this message board some, but isn't real well these days.

If you google "celebrity snapshots by julie" you will get to her website that has original photos of the "stars" that she took as a young photographer back in the early 50's. She would sell these to movie magazines. The stars loved the photographers back then , for the most part, and they were great about allowing Julie to take photos of them, and then have her own taken with them. She has a couple of great photos of Susan on her site.

Things are so different now with the relationship between the stars and the "paparazzi".

Re: Movie Poster

Oh, was that her? Oh, my goodness, I guess I didn't remember lol. I read that. I thought it was fascinating! About all the stars she got snapshots of and all...