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Going to Arkansas

I'm leaving for Arkansas later today to visit my parents for a week. I'm not sure if I will get to a computer while I'm gone, but if I do, I'll check in.

I'll be back next Sunday night if all goes as planned.

Have fun!

Re: Going to Arkansas

Have a good trip :)

Re: Going to Arkansas

Safe trip Ginger


Re: Re: Going to Arkansas

Thanks, Kerry and Desiree!

I'm in this tiny town in Arkansas and found a computer at the one GROCERY STORE! The owner is a friend of my mom's..LOL...Mayberry RFD, but great people.

I'll check in as I can.. hold down the fort!

Re: Going to Arkansas

Wow, one grocery store? I can't even begin to imagine! :)

Re: Going to Arkansas


Have a great visit with your parents and a safe trip home.


Re: Re: Going to Arkansas/hi from the one grocery store in town!

Thanks Trish..things are going pretty good here.

Yes, Desiree, it's only a little town of about 400 altogether. There are a couple of gas stations/shops at the other side of town near a freeway, but they aren't mom and pop enough to let me use their computers.. LOL

Re: Going to Arkansas

lol that's funny. I like to visit towns like that sometimes. There aren't too many around here. Although there is one not too far away that haso nly one school and its population is only like 100. Amazing, because the population in my town is about 130 or 140,000.

Re: Going to Arkansas

Hello Susan Hayward lovers,

Would any of you have the Untamed DVD (if there even is one) or point me in the right direction to obtain one.

Enjoy your visit with your parents Ginger.

Re: Re: Going to Arkansas

Thanks Dani, check out Fox Movie Channel or ebay.