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Not sure if my first post will be seen...so I will try again. Does anyone know if Untamed will be released on DVD? Or, does anyone have a copy of this movie?

Re: Untamed

Dani - welcome to the message board!

Untamed is not on dvd as far as I know but it is shown on Fox Movie channel from time to time.

Re: Untamed

Thank you for your response Ginger. I have read in previous posts, that others have politely suggested for some of these movies to be released on DVD, ie.WASIMH, etc. Do you have the contact info for Fox Movie Channel?

Thank you.

Re: Re: Untamed

Dani, click the link in the website field above. It looks like Untamed IS available on dvd and some other Susan films as well... I have a feeling that these might be bootlegged copies because as far as I know The President's Lady, Untamed, and Back Street are not on dvd legit, but I could be wrong.. anyway, looks like this is a good opportunity to get some dvds that aren't readily available.

I think you can just do a search/google on Fox Movie Channel and can check their upcoming schedules.

Re: Untamed

Thank you for your response, however I did not find the link!

Re: Untamed

I think the Fox movie channel website is http://www.foxmoviechannel.com simply, isn't it?

I've seen what movies they have... althought sometimes you are directed to a completely different site. Confusing, I guess.

Re: Re: Untamed

Dani, you can click the link above..where it says "website"....or copypaste this: