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I would like to start collecting her films on DVD. Are there any I should start with? And the 3 film collection that is available on R2 for £10, what is the quality of the DVD's?


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Are you from the UK? =]

I just had to ask this. What is R2?

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Hello Chris,

You can click on the link on Ginger's letter of the 25th August for COPIES of some of Susan's films. I can't vouch for the quality but it says they will play any region.

I have some bootleg copies of Susan's films and while it would be great to have pristine quality, I am only too pleased to be able to view them at all. Most of my collection I have taped from the television.

I believe Amazon would be the best place for you to purchase I'll Cry Tomorrow, I Want To Live, With a Song in My Heart as they are good quality and probably any others they are selling. Enjoy your viewing as you are in for a treat especially if you are viewing Susan for the first time - what a STAR.

You mentioned the 3 film collection - I don't know anything about these - who is selling them?


PS Desiree - I believe R2 means Region 2 - the United Kingdom as R1 is the USA and Canada and annoyingly, lots of Susan's films are only available for R1, including the two released last year and re-mastered, I'll Cry Tomorrow and With a Song in My Heart - which also means that we in the UK cannot play them and are unable to view the "extras" contained therein. (I have been fortunate enough to see them during my vacation in the USA recently).

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Sorry, R2 means Region 2. My fault. As for the 3 film boxset, you can see it here:


I think i'll just start with that boxset above, and work from there. I also know HMV have some other of Haywards films as well.

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Oh, really. I never paid attention to things like that. I don't even pay attention to things like "widescreen" or whatever. I see it and I buy it. That's all there is to it, I suppose.

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Regarding the R2 etc - the problem arises because as Trish says, some countries use the PAL system and other the NTSC. This was a big hassle when it came to videos but it seems it may also be a DVD problem.

For example Desiree, if someone in America taped a movie from tv there or bought a video in the store there and then sent it to a friend in England or Australia, our players could not operate with it. And the same vice versa.

I believe many of the new players, both VCR and DVD now are compatible for either system, but that is only a recent development. Although many ( incl Australia) are changing from PAL over the next few years, at present there are a huge number of countries using it, and would have trouble with any U.S. tapes or DVD's unless they have the super duper new players.

England, Australia, Germany, Singapore, Israel, New Zealand, China, India, Greece in fact most of Europe and Africa and the Middle East and parts of Asia are just a few of the masses of countries on the PAL system.
But as stated, many are in the process of changing.

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Welcome Chris - because cinema, like any art form, is deeply personal as to what one person likes and does not, it is often hard to recommended particular films.
The ones of Susan's mentioned thus far in this thread are probably considered more her A list material and are certainly great viewing.

But she had a wide range and there are many lesser lauded movies that, depending on whether one likes the genre in question, are very rewarding as well.

Her Oscar winner " I Want To Live" along with " Smash Up" show the high drama side. She did quality westerns ( " Rawhide", " Garden of Evil" come to mind.)

If you enjoy film noir, her " Deadline At Dawn" and "House of Strangers" are strong.

Lots of adventurers like " Untamed", " Soldier of Fortune", " White Witch Doctor", " Snows of Kilimanjaro" are just a few.

Historical costumers " Demetrius and the Gladiators", " David and Bathsheba", " The President's Lady" for example.

Crime melodrama like " They Won't Believe Me"

Romancers such as " Back Street" - too many to list. War films, human interest movies also.

There are even some trashy 60's schlock stuff such as " Valley of the Dolls' and ' Where Love Has Gone" that as films are probably poor in quality as far as being classy, but her performances in them are still view-worthy.


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Thanks for all the suggestions. I wil probably try to get hold of all her films. Non of which I have seen, I just came across Susans entry on the IMDB, and thought to see what films of hers were available. I'll be in HMV on Monday, so if the boxset is there, i'll buy it. For 3 films, £10 is a bargain.

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I'll keep that in mind if I ever become friends with someone from the UK or Australia ;)