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Susie on a stamp?

In one of my movie newsletters I read that the U.S. Postal Service is coming out with a Bette Davis stamp that shows a scene of her from her movie "All About Eve."

It got me to thinking how nice it would be if they also came out with a Susan Hayward stamp. If they did, what Susan pose would you like to see? If you can think of a scene from one of her movies in which you think she looked especially great (considering she always looked just plain great, LOL), let us know.

I'm still thinking about my favorite and don't want to act hastily, so I'll put my choice on here within the next day or so.

Re: Susie on a stamp?

As you say Gloria - it is a tough call to select a particular role or shot based on sheer looks alone as the woman ALWAYS dazzled !

Maybe something from " The President's Lady" ? as it is certainly historically political for the U.S. ?

Certainly stills from WASIMH would be appropriate as they depict both Susan and a legendary American identity, ie Jane Froman.

Hard call for a non American here, as a national stamp is intrinsically 'in house' in its appropriateness and appeal and relevence, so I may leave this to you guys to debate.


Re: Re: Susie on a stamp?

I agree with Kerry on using something from With a Song in My Heart but my heart tells me to use a picture from Untamed. I definitely think it should be one in colour and there were absolutely stunning pics of Susan in Untamed in the green satin dress - particularly when she and Tyrone come out of the undergrowth and are confronted with Richard Egan with a bullwhip. She was, as Kerry said, totally dazzling.

It is nice to dream that Susan would be on a stamp - although I seem to remember she was pictured on one in a yellow dress from Demetrius and the Gladiators, printed (I don't know if I am remembering correctly) for Ethiopia. Somebody correct me if I am wrong please.


Re: Re: Re: Susie on a stamp?

I think a photo from a scene in "With A Song In My Heart" would be wonderful too. This is my favorite Susan film. She has such a sweetness about her in the entire film. I think a photo of her from the scene of her in the beautiful ballroom type dancing scene in WASIMH would be so pretty or the finale scene when she is singing to the troops.

Re: Susie on a stamp?

Ok, you Susie fans. Only three of you answered -- the old reliables, Ginger, Trish and Kerry, although we got 43 "hits." I would have liked to see some other replies, too, because heaven knows there are probably hundreds of gorgeous scenes of Susan Hayward to choose from.

Like Ginger, I chose a scene from WASIMH, and for the reasons Ginger gave: In this film more than any other, I think Susan showed her humanity, her instinctive heart. While any of the scenes in it would have been great on a stamp, for me, when I think of her in this film, I see her in that beautiful black dress with the gauze type bodice, sitting in the nightclub where she is due to sing, as John Burn sits down unexpectedly. The look in her eyes says more than words ever could. It's more than just physical beauty. It's deep emotional beauty.

So that's my choice.

Re: Susie on a stamp?

The reason I didn't answer is because I couldn't possibly choose...