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The message board almost died for a while there!


How are everyone's lives going?


Re: The message board almost died for a while there!

Pleasantly enough thanks Desiree. We currently have a couple of weeks of school holidays here in Australia and I live near a coastal resort area which gets jammed to capacity with a bezillion tourists and holidaymakers in holiday times - so I am avoiding beaches, shopping malls, scenic spots, the highway - and unfortunately, the cinema.

But other than bunkering down for a fortnight and waiting out the invasion - all is well.


Re: Re: The message board almost died for a while there!

Desiree, I've been thinking about politics too much lately... It has taken over and I am neglecting Susan. I am going to try and get another of Ray's photos on this week, although I really love the one above.

Re: The message board almost died for a while there!

Everyone is thinking about politics too much lately. It's been on in my house way too much for practically a year now! lol. That's the big thing these days after all--election election election :)

I hope I do get to see some more of those pictures. They're great, since I've never seen most of them.

I didn't know you lived in Australia, Kerry. That's great. I've always wanted to go there just to go there :)

Re: The message board almost died for a while there!

Desiree - you are young and life is still beckoning before you. Presumably, you will get to travel at some stage to places you want to see and experience.

Trish who posts on the board here and resides in the U.K. has been here on visits. Main problem ( as I see it for you Northern Hemisphere dwellers ) is the distance. We are so far away for you compared to Europe or parts of Asia etc.

Must say though, that a noticeable number of American stars are finding their way here lately. That seems to be a combo of quite a few movies being made here now, promo tours for new releases and as guest artists for various events and shows here.

Actually from the opposite direction, it is interesting how many Australian actors / actresses are flourishing in the U.S. these days. Obviously Cate Blanchett, Rachel Griffiths, Hugh Jackman, Toni Collette, Naomi Watts, Geoffrey Rush, Simon Baker and others are well known as Australians, but for example on tv, shows like 'Without a Trace' has Anthony LaPaglia and Poppy Montgomery as stars and they are both Australian transplants.

And it seems one of our ex pats has recently married into American tv Royalty, with Portia De Rossi marrying Ellen DeGeneres.

Sorry to ramble off topic - I am so obsessed with the celluloid world.


Re: The message board almost died for a while there!

Haha, nothing wrong with that.

I have traveled out of this country before, actually. The farthest I've been is to Italy. I've been to France twice. I've been to the UK twice as well. I've just never been as FAR as Australia. And I love the Australian accent, haha. That's silly =]

Isn't that awful that I haven't even heard of a lot of those people from Australia? I don't seem to know a lot when it comes to actors from nowadays. I know, that's bizarre, but as people my age say, I'm weird...

Re: The message board almost died for a while there!

Nothing wrong with weird Desiree - lol.

Understandable that you may not know a lot of the current crop of stars and some of our exports like Nicole Kidman, Russell Crowe and Mel Gibson for example tend to be higher profile than a lot of the others.

Susan Hayward did star with one Australian actor during her career - namely Peter Finch in " I Thank a Fool" which also starred another Australian, Diane Cilento ( who was married to Sean Connery at the time of making the movie.)


Re: The message board almost died for a while there!

He was Australian? I didn't know that. Shows how much I know :)

Of course I've heard of Nicole Kidman and those others you just mentioned, but I guess I just didn't know any of those others :P