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More Photos.

Hello to all, I just mailed Ginger more fabulous magazine covers. Thanks.

Re: More Photos.

No Ray - Thank YOU. !!They have been terrific and more is wonderful.


Re: Re: More Photos.

Looking forward to viewing "more feasts for the eyes" of our wonderful lady.


Re: More Photos.

Thanks Ray, for all the beautiful photos. I have never seen these, so they are really a treat.
And thanks Ginger, for posting them. You are the best!!


Re: Re: More Photos.

Thanks Christina and thank you Ray for sending another batch of photos.

I'm so sorry about being so slow about changing the photos. I'm really behind, which on the bright side, there are a lot more to come. I'll try to change them at least once a week. I had almost all of the original batch of photos that you had sent, Ray, on my desktop computer, and it crashed this summer--had to absolutely trash it --it was so worn out.. then I got a new printer, but have had a hard time getting it hooked up to my laptop.. finally, we got our older printer hooked up to my husband's laptop so things should go more smoothly with the scanning now.

Thanks to all for your patience!