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Ray's Photo Collection/No. 18

I love the black lace glove and shawl effect. This is a beautiful photo.

Re: Ray's Photo Collection/No. 18

Oh, I adore this one! It's so gorgeous. What country is it from?

Re: Ray's Photo Collection/No. 18

Thanks Ginger for posting this awesome color cover of our Susan. This magazine is from Belgium dated May 27, 1956. Susan's color features just pop-out at you and her hair has never looked so beautiful.

Re: Re: Ray's Photo Collection/No. 18

Thank you so much Ray and Ginger. This is a truly stunning picture of Susan and I love the ones where she looks straight into the camera (and at us). Although dated 1956, it has to be from a few years prior to that. She was such a beauty.


Re: Ray's Photo Collection/No. 18


I too love Susan in anything mesh like this shawl. That's why I selected the black dress she wore in WASIMH (as she sat in the nightclub where she was performing) for the photo of her I would want in a stamp (should this honor ever happen to her, as it did to Bette Davis).

I think all women look good in black, but Susan looks absolutely stunning in black, especially with lace or mesh (or whatever you call it).